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SUN Broadband focuses on high quality and excellent customer service at affordable and competitive price. We will provide you corporate solutions to the internet connectivity. Our Internet service is ideal for companies who use FTP, Mail Server, VOIP, ERP applications, streaming, audio and it is provisioned on last mile such as copper leased line, fiber and R.F network.

Our Internet Services offered through 59 P0P’s in and around Rajahmundry ensures higher uptime and lower latency Dedicated bandwidth. We have back up lines from multiple providers. The primary service automatically falls over to the redundant backup line to keep your business connected in the event of a service disruption. Customers have found that our business continuity solutions deliver increased levels of uptime and reliability compared to a single-connection service.

SUN Broadband is passionate about providing exceptional service and personalized support. In addition to 24x7 network monitoring, we have dedicated technical support staff to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Home Plans

  • SB-MAX-399

    • 1Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 512kbps
    • Monthly 400/-
    • Quarterly 1,200/-
    • Half Yearly 2,400/-
    • Yearly Packeges 4,800/-
  • SB-MAX-499

    • 3Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 768kbps
    • Monthly 500/-
    • Quarterly 1,500/-
    • Half Yearly 3,000/-
    • Yearly Packeges 6,000/-
  • SB-MAX-599

    • 4Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 1Mbps
    • Monthly 600/-
    • Quarterly 1,800/-
    • Half Yearly 3,600/-
    • Yearly Packeges 7,200/-
  • SB-MAX849

    • 10Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 2Mbps
    • Monthly 850/-
    • Quarterly 2,550/-
    • Half Yearly 5,100/-
    • Yearly Packeges 10,200/-
  • SB-MAX-999

    • 15Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 2Mbps
    • Monthly 1,000/-
    • Quarterly 3,000/-
    • Half Yearly 6,000/-
    • Yearly Packeges 12,000/-
  • SB-MAX-1499

    2Gb Per Day
    • 20Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 3Mbps
    • Monthly 1,500/-
    • Quarterly 4,500/-
    • Half Yearly 9,000/-
    • Yearly Packeges 18,000/-


Business Plans


  • SB-SME-2499

    5GB per day
    • 15Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 5Mbps
    • Monthly 2,500/-
    • Quarterly 7,500/-
    • Half yearly 15,000/-
    • Yearly 30,000/-
  • SB-SME-2999

    5GB per day
    • 20Mb Speed
    • Speed Post FUP 5Mbps
    • Monthly 3,000/-
    • Quarterly 9,000/-
    • Half yearly 18,000/-
    • Yearly 36,000/-
  • SB-MAX-799

    • 1Mb Speed
    • Unlimited

    • Monthly 800/-
    • Quarterly 2,400/-
    • Half yearly 4,800/-
    • Yearly 9,600/-
  • SB-MAX-1499

    • 3Mb Speed
    • Unlimited

    • Monthly 1,499/-
    • Quarterly 4,497/-
    • Half yearly 8,994/-
    • Yearly 17,988/-

about us

It was established by DIGITEL in (MOUNTH) to provide wireless public and private broadband services.Sun Broadband is a dynamic company specializes in providing integrated communications solutions focursing domestic segment.SUN Broadband offers optimal access to internet and a range of related services.sun Broadband founded and operated out of of Rajahmundry,Andhra Pradesh.Sun Broadband team consists of specialists trained in the latest technological standards continuously to successfully meet any challenge of clients' requirment. Sun Broadband IP network is built on over 10Gbps rings that carry Internet access services, IPTV traffic and VoIP traffic. We use several mechanisms to ensure quality services function as optimum.

Broadband Services

Having become a well known and popular class "A" internet service provider over the years, we have launched "VLN SUN BROADBAND" that has plenty to offer SME’s and residential users in and around RAJAHMUNDRY keeping in mind today’s increasing demand for high speed broadband internet service.

We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For forty years, we've been passionate about achieving better results for our clients-results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.

Hight speed servers and 100%fiber-optic network capable of delivering blazing-fast internet that no other broad

Quality Process

Sun Broadband is focused on our customer’s ultimate success and is committed to having the highest level of quality in the industry. It is our guiding principle to provide our external and internal customers with a level of quality and service that consistently meets or exceeds expectations through the following philosophies:

Meeting or exceeding customer and organizational requirements - Constant striving for quality services that meet or exceed the customer’s and/or organizational requirements.

Aligning ourselves with the most competent base of suppliers available in the industry - The ability of our suppliers to provide us with quality goods and services is critical to our success. We will strive to achieve excellence in our supply chain with a common vision in the areas of quality, continuous improvement and excellence in customer service.

Hiring the best people in the industry - Training those people on our system and focusing those people on executing our processes flawlessly.

Thank you for your interest in vln sun broadband. Please contact us using the information below. To locate contacts in the vln sun broadband office closest to you, visit our office websites. To get the latest updates from vln sun broadband, subscribe to a newsletter or connect with us on social media.

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